My name is Stephanie Redding.
I am a senior journalism graphics major at Ball State University.



Being a graphics reporter requires me to incorporate data, illustrations and design through the medium of visual journalism.  Most of my graphics have been published in the Ball State Daily News, however I have created information graphics for Ball Bearings Magazine and the Ball State Weekly tablet application. I worked with graphics reporter Carolyn Aler to create a Sochi Olympics graphic for the Chicago Tribune.


Effective and strategic organization and visual cues are important when designing for newspapers. A reader's eye needs to be lead down a page in the most compelling and least confusing way possible. I designed the "It's Big" page for the Ball State Daily News, while I did the "Cape & Islands" design for my internship at the Cape Cod Times.


Tablet designs allow readers to interact with stories and graphics. I reported and designed every interactive graphic page. The tablet designs below were published in Ball State Weekly and Ball Bearings magazine